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What are the holiday trend colors this year??

Posted on November 26, 2016 at 9:10 PM

How relevant is your hair anyway?     Does it matter if your color is on trend?

Uh, yeah, very!  It's your largest accessory--even if it's short and sassy.  It's a big part of your image, the you that others see.  And it's about time that you wear your hair instead of it wearing you, you love your hair, you find it easier to work with and feel empowered about your look.

So, what colors are on the forward edge for hair as we close out 2016 and get ready to welcome 2017?

Since this is the season of friends, family, food and fun.....I'll put a food/flavor spin on these colors so that you can get a good visual:

Chocolate Rose Gold

You can officially call 2016 the year of rose gold hair, with celebrities as well as beauty bloggers loving up on this shimmery shade. 

Warm Autumn Lights

If your hair is already a rich, dark brown color, ask your stylist for warm-toned streaks to instantly give it more dimension. When adding highlights in the fall, think amber, caramel, chestnut, chocolate and auburn seemlessly blended to sparkle and warm your skin tone.


Buttery Blonde

After a few years of cool blonde shades popping up all over, warm blondes are making a comeback. Think more buttery beige and sandy blondes, less icy blondes--this shading can be customized to flatter almost any skin tone.

Sparkeling Rose Gold

Ready to try the hair trend that's taking over Instagram? Rose gold hair is a pretty, ethereal shade of pink-tinted blonde that's being worn by celebs like Emma Roberts. It's so radiant, it lights up your whole look — even if you're not wearing any makeup!

Warm Peach

Just when you thought hair colors were about to cool down, this juicy shade is breathing new life into hairstyles all over.  Wary of its intensity? Don't worry — both soft and vibrant orange hues are surprisingly flattering on most skin tones.

 Sun-Kissed Ombre

If you're disappointed about  losing your summer tan, fear not: You can get that lovely glow back with a new hair color. Ask your colorist for warm honey tones throughout your hair, concentrating it more toward the bottom of your hair but remember, for this look,less is more.  This addition will give both your hair and your skin a healthy glow.


Mermaid Blue

Blue never seems to go out of style, but this multicolored look is everywhere right now. Combining turquoise, aqua, navy and cobalt, this mermaid-inspired color layering can totally change depending on how you style it!   As a bonus, it works on just about any skin tone.

You can see these colors featured on my Instagram:  



and in my gallery.

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